Claiming Agency for Our Own Awakening:Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Four Live Talks June 1 - 2 
Recordings Available June 16 until July 2, 2019

One of the most powerful qualities of the Buddhist teachings is that we are asked to honor and develop our own discerning intelligence or prajna. In fact, the Buddha himself said: “You are the agent of your own awakening.” This statement is a call to our natural intelligence—our ability to rise and discover our deepest potential.  In this two-day gathering, Elizabeth will guide participants through an investigation of what it means to be a student, and how a student’s eagerness to learn and evolve can be fulfilled by having a healthy and realistic relationship with a qualified teacher, sangha, and the teachings themselves. 

Talk 1   10:00 AM EST Saturday June 1
Talk 2     3:00 PM EST Saturday June 1
Talk 3    10:00 AM EST Sunday June 2
Talk 4      2:30 PM EST Sunday June 2

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